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The Youth Centre for Development and Peace (YCDP): Vote For A Better Earth

14:40 Oct 5 2016 Lome

The Youth Centre for Development and Peace (YCDP): Vote For A Better Earth
We are building a volunteering program to help us achieve our social project impact. We've recently launched the first version of our website and now we need to strongly develop our social marketing and communication strategy to enlarge our network of volunteers and of volunteering partners in order to be referenced, trustworthy and visible to volunteers worldwide.

The website content itself is not yet finished and elements like Frequently Asked Questions, Terms of use, privacy handling, logo and translation in other languages are still to be done.

As volunteers and projects are at the core base of our organization work, we should also build an accurate and efficient volunteers and projects management system which take in account social and economic development goals, volunteers needs and working documents among others. Being a non-for-profit organization we also need to build a funding strategy to support our work.

We need volunteers in the field and partners to help us build a sustainable volunteering program which should serve as a real development tool and participate in the development process and in poverty alleviation here in Togo, West Africa. This program should allow volunteers to experience useful projects while helping local communities to overcome development issues.

Our first volunteers opportunities in which we need internationl volunteers are published on our website.

You are welcome to join our team,
Let us create the earth which resemble us, Let us together vote for a better world !
Additional Data
Status of Initiative: Active
Organisation Name: The Youth Centre for Development and Peace
Contact Information for Organisation or Initiative:
Start date of Initiative: 2015
Location(s) of Initiative: Lome, TOGO, West Africa
Overall Goal of Initiative: This initiative VOTE FOR A BETTER EARTH aims to : (1) become a development tool, (2) bring here up-to-date practices and solutions to poverty, (3) offer a useful and win-win volunteering program to volunteers, (4) raise awareness about our common destiny and about environmental issues affecting our planet, (5) promote world citizenship, (6) raise awareness about illegal immigration.
Initiative Keywords (for search): volunteerism, volunteering, education, development, poverty alleviation, environment, immigration
How does the initiative Measure Success?: A communication strategy plan is written - We are present on the most important social networks such us facebook, twitter, linkedIn with a hundred of followers and their respective managers - At least one article is written and published on at least five news website - At least two radios talk about us - A new logo is created - Partnership with at least two volunteering organization, two universities or colleges - The first volunteers in-person are received in the field - Website content (including FAQ, TOS, Privacy policy) is finished and translated in English, German, French or Spanish - Volunteers and projects management system is built as well as working documents and include volunteers immersion training plan and an impact evaluation procedure - The first social project is conceived with volunteers and related volunteering opportunities are published - A funding strategy plan is written - The former volunteers give testimonies - Beneficiaries publish feedbacks.
Beneficiaries Served: Our work will be directed toward local primary schools and colleges as well as local grassroots, many hundreds of people will be touched every year.
Reasons for Success or Failure: This initiative should success because development issues are real and poverty too, no need to mention again that those realities continue happening and show that skilled volunteers are needed and that together we must try to reinvent or innovate volunteerism. We are working with some local grassroots in order to launch the program. A lot of people and students worldwide are becoming everyday more and more aware about the necessity for them to get away from their comfort zone to experience new ways of living, to experience global development and cross-cultural dimensions or to help people somewhere else in the world, even their schools, universities or companies are fostering them to do so. We need to campaign well in order to avoid failure. Also a world team should help the initiative maintain its goals and a good governance.
Main risks of Initiative: (1) Find foreign volunteers interested to join our world team and build the program, (2) receive our first volunteers to start the program.
Lessons Learned: At this stage of our initiative, we are continuing to look for volunteers and partners to join us. We've learned anyway that the better you present your idea the more attention organizations could pay to it. It is simply a first step but it remains an important one.
Invariable aspects (essential for success): The necessity to build the initiative in collaboration with foreign volunteers, the necessity to partner with students organization or volunteers organization and the necessity to fully associate local grassroots to the projects decision making and make them own their projects, as the program is just serving as the one who brings the needed support to help them achieve the project they undertake.
Variable aspects (not essential for success): The program should offer a good condition of living and working to volunteers we receive and also should take in account a cultural immersion course. The volunteers opportunities should also be affordable to volunteers whom are already giving a lot by helping local social projects to be successful.
Advice for others starting similar Initiatives: We think that such initiative as volunteering asks for a great responsibility towards volunteers management and conditions of living in the field. Such initiative should be well prepared regarding those conditions. Start by looking for advice from well known volunteers organizations website and try also to have a web-based presence in order to present your idea to potential partners. Indeed it is also about conscientiousness and trustworthiness to be gained in front of volunteers and partners, you need to build your reference and it begins with a clear presentation of your idea. Partners have their own criteria and your new initiative does not meet those criteria at its stage, so be patient and don't loose your courage, continue, in the same time, working in the field according to your means and promoting your idea. Follow the advice knowledgeable people give you.
Scaling-up Strategies: Starting in Lome the capital where the most important activities and institutions are located, we will work with volunteers and local partners to gradually cover the country region by region in order to make the initiative benefit to poor regions too. We will need more resources to reach those regions.

Credibility: UP DOWN 1

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