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Volunteer Opportunities in Peru - Peru Vivential

11:21 Jan 12 2017 Trujillo, Peru

Volunteer Opportunities in Peru - Peru Vivential
We are a non-profit organization based in Peru providing free English education to disadvantaged children and adults in the local community, also We support dogshelter where 40 dogs are taken from the streets live and need support and with the help of our volunteers We hope to create more projects. We are located in the thriving city of Trujillo, Peru.

We are collaborating with volunteers to improve the quality of life of some of the poorest people through education. Recognizing that many members of our community are born into this type of poverty and have very few job opportunities, we decided to broaden the horizons of our community by founding Peru Vivential. Our goal is to provide opportunities to the members of our community using education in order to improve their lives, and rescue, care and improve the quality of life fo streets dogs.

With the help of our volunteers, we are able to offer children and adults alike this useful skill for free.

Visit our website and volunteer with us!
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Status of Initiative: Active
Organisation Name: Peru Vivential
Contact Information for Organisation or Initiative:
Start date of Initiative: 01/01/2017
Location(s) of Initiative: trujillo - peru
Overall Goal of Initiative: Our goal is to provide language training for students in the public elementary schools language training. We promote equal opportunities between men and women, and equality in public schools in underprivileged áreas, in the same way we have the goal to help our friends the dogs, providing them with a new chance to have a better enviroment where they can live until they are adopted.
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